Shipping cost

The shipping costs are shared by the buyer and will be automatically included in the total amount. The amount of the shipping costs is fixed, regardless of the weight and volume of your order. The fixed shipping costs for Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg, regardless of the kind or format of your order, amount to 10,- including Belgium VAT.
International shipping (outside Belgium, the Netherlands or Luxembourg) varies between 10,- and 25,- including VAT. 

In addition to the fixed shipping costs, no other costs will be charged. If you order multiple products at the same time, you only have to pay shipping costs once. After you have filled your shopping cart and completed your order, you get an overview of your order without obligation. You can check the total costs including shipping before finalizing your order. So you don't have to worry that the shipping costs of your order will be unexpectedly higher than expected.
All costs are including Belgium VAT. Import taxes or any other local taxes outside the EU are not included.
If you have questions about our shipping costs, then you can contact us by phone at +32 (0)14 25 92 83.

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