Performa Racing P1 - PA9360 - Radical Crawler BL Controller




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Performa Racing P1 - PA9360 - Radical Crawler BL Controller 

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Performa Racing, well known under the famous "P1" logo, is excited to present the new Radical Crawler Controller.

Ready to discover a new crawling experience? New Performa sensor technology allows extremely accurate control developed for the unique demands of rock crawling. Experience a new level of speed accuracy for uphill, downhill, and super slow crawling conditions.

The Radical Crawler Controller is the ultimate electronic speed control to pair with the Limited Red Rock Edition motor. And it's also compatible with other sensored, sensorless, or brushed motors.

Included with the ESC is a waterproof switch and waterproof sensor harness, making it water friendly so you can enjoy the most extreme new crawling adventures.

The Performa Radical Crawler Controller is set up so it can be used right out of the box. And if you like to experiment and fine tune for ultimate control, 14 parameters can be adjusted using the electronic switch or with an optional Program Box.

Brandname: Performa Racing
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